The Talbott Brothers – Coming Home Remix

A long time ago I decided that I wanted to be an audio producer. I was in so many amazing musical groups, with so many amazing musicians. But when it was all over, the music, which spoke more than any words ever could, was lost.

I promised myself back then that I would never again let music with an important message be lost. Music can speak where words never can.

Of all those music groups I mentioned, none affected me more than my friends The Talbott Brothers. Back in 2014 I drummed for them for over a year, and the music we made during that time changed me more than anything else ever could. I was going through a lot of stuff during that time, and though the didn’t know it, they helped me to heal with their song. Recently, I decided that one song from back then, that mattered most to me, needed to be reborn. I set to work, and here it is:

The Talbott Brothers – Coming Home

To my dear friends Nick, Tyler, Ben(Bones), and Rudi: Thanks for the awesome memories, and the music that will last forever. May this song find you, and help you to find your way back home.

  1. Coming Home - 2020 Remix 4:30
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