Audio Recording / Production Services

Your music is important. It helps you communicate your message in a way that no other medium can. Now more than ever, it’s an absolute must for any artist to have a quality recording of their music, in order to convey that message to the online world. This is why I love audio production. I like to think of myself as your personal “audio translator”, converting your musical message into digital form in the truest form possible.

I’ve been engineering, producing, and mastering professional audio projects in Nebraska and the greater Midwest for the better part of 10 years. Placing a focus on providing budget friendly options so that every artist has a chance to record their music, I put a strong emphasis on maximizing every second during the recording/production process. This does four things:

  1. Keeps the total costs of the project down
  2. Ensures the group is practiced and prepared on the day(s) of tracking
  3. Limits the number of trips/overnights required of the group during tracking
  4. Ensures prompt delivery of the finalized audio tracks

From my home studio in Omaha Nebraska,  I offer the following audio services to the greater Midwest:

  • Professional audio capture/tracking services
  • Professional audio mixing and production services
  • Professional audio mastering services
  • Digital audio restoration services
  • Mobile recording services
  • Live sound engineering and production services

Need help with your next audio project? Fill out the form below to give me an idea about your project, and we’ll be in touch!