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Below is the job description outlined by our worship pastor Matt Paddock. It details the goals and responsibilities for my position as worship production coach for Relevant Community Church. I served on the Relevant staff for 8 years, and it was an amazing journey learning how to effectively produce live sound, and train live sound technicians to help spread the word of Jesus!

Coach Goal: Lead the Worship Production Team towards a passionate pursuit of excellence at our Sunday morning gatherings. Facilitate an an environment where the people of God are welcomed into His presence, and to do so in a way that points our eyes towards Him and not people.


The Team:

Lead, equip, and care for the volunteers on your team.

  • Keep the purpose of Worship Production on your team’s mind.
  • Communicate regularly. This can be done through email, phone call, or over coffee. There is room in the budget for you to be able to meet with team members.
  • Challenge them spiritually.
  • Equip team to know what’s expected of them and to do their job with excellence.
  • Make sure team members have enough responsibility to feel like they’re making an impact without being overwhelmed or burned out.
  • Encourage them and make them feel valued and appreciated.
  • Recruit and train new help as needed.
  • If a team member can’t complete a responsibility for some reason, it falls to you.

The Obvious:

Direct and Oversee the entirety of production on Sunday mornings.

  • Make sure there is always a director scheduled to run the “show” on Sunday mornings.
  • Be the LEAD sound tech at our Sunday morning gatherings.
  • Create a team of qualified sound technicians.
    • Build a training system that will produce sound tech and not just “slider pushers”.
    • Find ways to train beyond Sunday mornings.
    • Schedule sound techs for our Sunday gatherings
      • Use Planning Center to schedule techs at least 4 weeks out
      • When a scheduled volunteer has to cancel you will be in charge of finding a replacement.

The Stuff:

Oversee the Worship Production Systems and make changes as you see fit.

  • Sound system maintenance and upgrades
    • When equipment needs fixed or replaced I will rely on you to make it happen
    • As we grow we will need to make wise decisions about “next steps” for our sound system. I will rely on you and your expertise to guide us in those decisions.
  • Projection System
    • General maintenance and upkeep of both the projectors and screens
    • ProPresenter updates etc.
  • Lighting System

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