Renew Resurfacing

In the spring of 2016, new business owner Jim Work approached me with helping him develop the web presence for his new business. The result of these talks saw come to fruition.

As Jim was just starting this small business, I was able to assist him with the following tasks:

  1. Helping to brainstorm relevant business names associated with surface restoration services.
  2. Develop multiple logos for his chosen brand, allowing him to choose the one that best fit their style.
  3. Shoot, edit, and produce a short 1 minute commercial to help personalize the business online, as well as highlight the features of the new business in video format.
  4. Assist in deciding on the “web look” they wanted to offer their customers by providing multiple theme options for their chosen platform.
  5. Re-coding their chosen web theme template to feature mobile responsiveness and current web design elements.
  6. Assist in keyword research for their brand, and helping to familiarize them with the current online landscape for their industry.
  7. Setting up their entire web presence, including the assistance on the set up of social media channels, and providing Google/Bing web optimizations for maximum organic search results.

Watch the short commercial I developed and produced for the business below!

It was a tremendous pleasure to help Jim and Candy get their small business off the ground. With their commitment to excellence in everything they do, including their business’ web presence, I have no doubt they will succeed.

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