Aaron and Brianna Rerucha approached me in the summer of 2015 with the need to develop a web presence for their rustic furniture small business. At our first phone meeting, he outline the following needs for his future website:

  • The site must maintain the “rustic” feel of his brand
  • He would need the ability to showcase and sell his furniture online
  • The site would need to tie into his already developing social media presence
  • He would need to secure a new domain name, as well as get e-mail service running with that domain

Based on the information Aaron then provided in our conversation, we agreed on a few other key points that the project would need to accomplish:

  • The platform chosen for the site must be simple to understand, and easy for me to train them on, as Aaron and Brianna would need to maintain and update the site themselves
  • We would go for a layout and design that is as simplistic as possible to keep the focus on his product at all times.
  • His e-commerce would need to be secure with SSL to protect his customers information
  • His company’s logo would need to be re-worked in order to fit in with modern web design.
  • They would need a blogging platform on their website that could serve as a centralized launching point for all their social media posts.
  • Their new site would need to have a special focus for mobile users, as more than 40% of all web traffic today is mobile based.

After gathering all the necessary media from Aaron and Brianna, I chose to build their new site on the Weebly platform. I chose this platform specifically for the easy learning curve their e-commerce functionality offers, as well as the simplified web GUI. The result turned out great which you can view at http://oxbowsfurniture.com


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