Voice House Mixing

Voice House Mixing

I decided today to get a first mix going on a different song, as it might give us some perspective comparing two different tracks on what we like and don’t. There a numerous changes between I Can’t Help Mix 2 and Lucky Luke Mix 1. Maybe compare the two and tell me what you like about one, and not the other? Thanks!


  1. I Can't Help - Mix 1 VoiceHouse 2:49
  2. I Can't Help - Mix 2 2:49
  3. Lucky Luke - Mix 1 VoiceHouse 3:32

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  1. Absolutely incredible. Great job Al!!!

    One note Of mine may have got adjusted too high. Second verse, “Shall I stay?”. On the word I, think it should be the seventh (B), not the octave (c).

    1. As per the instructions Celeste, we will be using time stamps. Get to the exact point in the song where the issue is and pause. Look at the time in the song, and post that value for each change

  2. I find myself a bit distracted by the processing. Maybe pull the auto correct back a little bit? Maybe in some spots? There were a couple of entrances that were so tight, you couldn’t help but wonder if they were processed. I know a trained ear could always find those, but I’d like the casual year to be a little bit in awe and not just feeling like a processed sound is in front of them.

  3. I think I’m a little like Jacob. It sounds great but it also sounds processed at points. There was one spot where I felt like my voice was a little too hot and another voice Spot where I couldn’t hear some important notes, so it’s worth looking at some more.

  4. I like the sound of it, I’m just wondering if I’m hearing some voices in my right ear and other voices in my left ear? And other voices in both ears?

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