Walk By Sea – Until The End EP

Walk By Sea first contacted me in the winter of 2012, looking to find a producer for their first EP. After talking to the group on the phone, and hearing some demo tracks, I knew I had to be the one.

I loaded up my mobile recording rig, and traveled to the University of Concordia where the band met and practiced in the music department’s practice hall. We tracked the EP over the course of two days, in which the band and I collaborated to not only capture the instrumentation they had prepared, but also the instrumentation that we envisioned on the fly.

Given full creative license by the band, I took the recorded tracks back to my home studio, and the production ideas came flowing out like a waterfall. We were all extremely excited with the final result, which you can listen to below!

You can learn more about the band and listed to all their current tunes by visiting their facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/walkbysea

  1. Fall Walk By Sea 3:45
  2. Borrowed Time Walk By Sea 4:59
  3. Trails In The Snow Walk By Sea 5:23
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