The Talbott Brothers – Coming Home EP

After joining the Talbott Brothers as their new drummer, we set out to make a new mark on the band with a distinctive new tone that their current audience had never heard. The result of these changes first manifested in the band’s EP “Coming Home”.

The EP itself was tracked at our practice space in the Talbott Brother’s basement. Using my mobile recording rig, some key instrument placement, and a whole lot of pillows and blankets, we were able to track and record this great sounding EP. The audio was also produced and mastered by myself at my home studio location in Omaha, NE. Give it a listen below via the linked playlist, or watch one of our videos for the  hit single “Morphine” below.

  1. Coming Home The Talbott Brothers 4:33
  2. Morphine The Talbott Brothers 5:11
  3. On the Run The Talbott Brothers 3:32
  4. Wretched Man The Talbott Brothers 3:06

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