The Beat Continuum Project – The City In July

The Beat Continuum Project was a very unique pet project of mine back in the summer of 2008 while attending college at the University of Nebraska at Kearney. The band which I both drummed and sang backing vocals for, was a unique merging of multiple musical styles into one sound. The project was widely popular in the surrounding area, culminating with the production of our fist CD titled “The City In July”.

To tackle this unique audio project, we actually built a pet “project studio” in the basement of our rapper Ryan O’Conner’s house where we tracked the entirety of the CD. I had a great time drumming, singing, tracking, mixing, and mastering this CD to the final versions which you can listen to below.

  1. Beautiful Day The Beat Continuum Project 5:28
  2. How Sound Is Your Mind The Beat Continuum Project 3:20
  3. Morning Drive The Beat Continuum Project 4:02
  4. Everyone The Beat Continuum Project 4:24
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