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In the summer of 2014 my brother Jacob Ritter contacted me with an idea. He had started a small operation where he was making audio learning tracks for vocal groups by himself in his basement. He mentioned to me the unique demand for the product, as well as a number of problems the industry faced, and how we could offer a unique solution.

The result was LLC. with the mission: “In the spirit of excitement and camaraderie that is vocal music, our mission is to strengthen vocal groups around the world by providing dependable learning tools that enable them to achieve their musical goals.”

By offering a range of learning track solutions to vocal groups around the country, as well as providing licensing support for groups needing a large number of learning tracks, has forged a new path into the frontier of audio learning tracks, and how musicians can take advantage of this unique tool.

As a co-owner in this new business venture, my responsibilities include:

  • Developing a unique online presence for the business that showcases our learning tools
  • Serve as the head audio technician for the mixing and mastering of our vocal tracks
  • Serve as the head media technician for all our promotional videos and media
  • Manage all online sales/income/and tax reporting

In the spring of 2016, I updated our site platform to perform better for our mobile users, and feature current web design elements. You can visit the site at:

jacob and alex ritter
Brothers Jacob and Alex Ritter. Co-Owners of
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