I Am What’s Left Of Me – Walk By Sea

When the Lincoln, NE band “Walk By Sea” approached me in the summer of 2016 wanting to record their first full length album, the only thing I could say was… “Um, Yes Please!”.

Having recorded and produced their last two shorter length EP releases, I thought I had an idea of what their full length might sound like. To say the least, I was pleasantly surprised by their new music, as their development as artists had manifested itself in this exciting new post-rock form.

We began tracking for this 12 song album in November of 2016 at my newly created home studio in Elkhorn, NE. After multiple tracking sessions and multiple listening sessions, the album finally began to take shape. What was once an idea and a number of different songs began to change into a single entity of music that I could tell was something special.

I was not mistaken. Thanks guys for the privilege of working on your music guys. This is one I’ll remember forever.

walk by sea review - lincon journal star
Review of the album “I Am What’s Left Of Me” in the Lincoln Journal Star
  1. Moratorium Walk By Sea 4:41
  2. Awakening Walk By Sea 4:09
  3. Intermission Walk By Sea 2:45
  4. Polaris Walk By Sea 4:26
  5. Emet Walk By Sea 4:10
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