The Hands Automaton – Through Faith and Tragedy

The Hands Automaton, lead by band leader Josh Henderson, is one of the more unique bands I’ve had the pleasure of producing. Specifically their concept album “Through Faith and Tragedy”. Teamed up with Kent Lutt, we co-produced this concept album that musically follows the life of a single man from birth to death, and everywhere in-between. The resulting sound gives the band a unique edge and character that sets them apart from other metal/hardcore bands. Be sure to give a track a listen below! 

You can learn more about the band on their bandcamp site at:

the hands automaton

  1. Love The Hands Automaton 2:57
  2. Birth The Hands Automaton 2:40
  3. Adolescence The Hands Automaton 1:00
  4. Awake The Hands Automaton 4:08
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