New World Singers – Singin’ In The Rain

The New World Singers, a vocal a-cappella jazz group from Columbus High School under the direction of Fred Ritter, approached me in the spring of 2012 armed with a number of perfected performance songs, and a strong desire to turn their finely honed skill into an audio CD.

I traveled to the high school with the help of Nick Walters and my mobile recording rig to track what was my most ambitious audio project yet. The group consisted of 20 vocal members, a bass player, a drummer, and a piano player – each of which had a unique element to contribute to the group’s sound.

After a full day of non-stop tracking at the high school, I drove back to my Omaha studio to begin production on the CD. Using a variety of audio mixing and mastering tools and riding on the backs of very talented performers, I was able to produce this exceptional sounding CD, which you can give a listen to below!

  1. Fields Of Gold The New World Singers 3:27
  2. Come On Down The New World Singers 2:11
  3. Dancing In The Dark The New World Singers 4:23
  4. More I Can Not Wish You The New World Singers 3:35
  5. New World The New World Singers 5:59
  6. Singin' In The Rain The New World Singers 5:23
  7. Smokey Joe's The New World Singers 3:18
  8. You Can Call Me Al The New World Singers 4:26
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  1. So fun to hear this music again Alex! We sound so professional. Makes me feel so good remembering those students and their desire to be good.
    Thanks for this service.

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